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[BKARTS] FlashPoint 10 - Book Arts items

Apologies for cross posting...

FlashPoint 10 - Book Arts items

The new online issue of Flashpoint 10 ( www.flashpointmag.com ) contains several book arts related items:

--We revisit artist Andrea Zemel's letterpress & block print sculptural manuscript DEMOCRAZY. It was originally shown in the 1996 'Paper, Art & the Book' exhibit at New York's Center for Book Arts & we've now posted images of the entire work online, plus a selection of her new work of textual renderings of the Iliad in mosaics of ceramics & glass. (For additional samples of her sculptural manuscripts, prints, & mosaic texts see her website andreazemel.com)

--And we have 'A WAY OF WOMAN: 9 XEROGRAPHS' by MORRIS COX (1903-1998), the noted GOGMAGOG private press printer & artist. After a quarter century of printing, binding & casing books by hand Cox bought a Ricoh photocopier to facilitate the physical demands of the printing process. The 9 Xerographs are part of what he called the GOGMAGOG PHOTOCOPY LIBRARY (1984-1991). As Bradford Haas notes in his introduction, while some images are in debt to Ernst's use of 19th century pulp illustrations, Cox used the medium to include 'lace doilies, curtain gauze, seeds, weeds, and flowers' to create original works of art.

Despite the use of the copier, Cox still bound and cased by hand over 200 photocopy books all while preparing other manuscripts & artwork for printing & continuing his painting. And while you're in Flashpoint 10, try the Morris Cox Centennial Exhibit ( www.flashpointmag.com/mcoxcent.htm ) which includes 4 virtual facsimiles.

--ALAN TUCKER may be familiar to some of you due to his earlier work on the little magazine Format (1966-1971) & as publisher of his own STILT PRESS. More recently Tucker tends to print from his computer in small editions intended mainly for private distribution. In FlashPoint 10 he offers a personal response to Rilke through his own translations & an original sonnet, based on one of his recently printed booklets.

--Of Typographical interest is Joe Brennan's 'DER FODDERLAND UBER ALLES' (a selection from his 30-year ongoing poetic masterwork 'Work in Progress'). The extensively variegated typography pushes & pulls the text visually while the line & weight of the fonts enhance the cadence and tone of this poem, all seamlessly integrated within the poem's meaning.

--And finally, T.R.Wang & Charles Belbin offer a brief history of the only extant piece of calligraphy of LI BAI (Li Po). Centuries later (& despite the limits of a pixellated image) we still get a sense of the poetic invocation of the hand touching the brush to paper.

These folks are only part of the new FlashPoint issue, but I thought they would be of the most direct interest for this list.

Rosalie Gancie
Arts Editor
FlashPoint magazine

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