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[BKARTS] Query: Binding offprints


We are binding a dozen or so single-section offprints, from the 1920s, into a book for a customer. Each offprint is bound as a separate section. However, the first and last offprints/sections are shorter than the other "sections", by about two inches, or about one inch head and tail once bound in. This means that when the endpapers are put on, there is a significant space or gap at the head and tail between the front ep and the second section, and the rear ep and the penultimate section.

The sections have been sewn, the eps laid, and the book block has been rounded and backed

Question: How does one deal with this gap? Is it filled in with (say) a small length of string of equal thickness? Short of making up small stub-sections, and sewing them in clumsily, how can one deal with this problem efficiently?

Perhaps someone can shed a little light here.

Thank you.


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