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Dear Friends:

Some of you know that for many years I have been collecting book-shaped
objects and information about the history of objects that have been made
in book form. I have hundreds of objects that emulate particular
subjects, titles and structures. They fall into (international)
categories of toys and games, folk art, household appliances,
advertising, ephemera, packaging... its endless. What I have learned is
that people have always made these objects as unique items, and also
designed and patented them for manufacture. What I hope to learn is the
nature of the relationship that people have with books--, why we love
books, need to have them around us, need to repair them, etc.
Eventually, I hope to publish something eventually, but for now, I will
be teaching a class for artists this spring at Penland on the history
and making of objects in book form. 

What I am asking YOU is to take a few minutes to tell me what the
physical book means to you. Tell me a story or just thoughts you might
have about what you think the human/book relationship is about. Also, if
you have made book-shaped objects, send pictures. I'd love to hear from

Many thanks, 


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