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[BKARTS] Low cost leathers???

I've found a few places that have wonderful selections of leather, however, the pricing is such that I really can't even begin to afford it. I've been trying to get an account with a leather company in CA, but I've been having difficulties, which I try to get in touch with them again after Easter. I've found a few smaller companies like Garlin Neumann out of NH. They have pretty good pricing at $2.45.sq ft. for glazed/nappa goat. $2.25 for 1.5oz Veg cow and $3.10/sq for garment goat.

So, any other good sources I should be looking at? I know once in a while Ebay is going to be a good source. However, I need to be able to get the same colors consistently. Because I'm binding wedding albums, I need to have a stock of colors available. I can't take the risk of someone ordering an album with a leather I purchased off ebay and it's something I can no longer get. Unless I find a stellar deal and can purchase a couple hides and offer that style only while I have it.

Anyway, that's for your time, it means a lot.. anything will help!

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