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[BKARTS] How do I know if PVA was frozen...

Subject says it all. I ordered some from DickBlick, and they are in the 1 days ground area, so should be no need to do air as most require during the winter months here. However, once again there was a "delivery exception" and it will be sitting, probably in their warehouse until Monday. So, if it does.. how do I know that the PVA was frozen and report it to blick?

I know everyone has their own carrier problems.. but FedEx, especially ground, seems to be the biggest clusterf**k company there is.. they can never get a package here without some type of exception. Last time I had 2 packages coming from Talas.. both shipped the SAME day. One got here, the other was delayed at the local hub due to "weather." Huh? It was sunny and almost 60 that day.. and how did one get here but the other didn't? Sounds like more of an "oops, our bad." rather than a "weather" delay. Ugh.. I wish Talas and Blick offered UPS and FEDEX as options.. I'd pay more to have it shipped UPS.. really, I would. My blood pressure would thank them. :)

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