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Re: [BKARTS] shipping options

A comment about USPS and refunds -- it's even more difficult to get a refund
for a broken and insured object if it's unique.  I was shipping hand-made
pottery, well-wrapped and marked "fragile" all over.  The box itself (not
just the contents) was completely smashed when it was left at our door.  I
had insured it, and tried to get a refund -- after several attempts, it
wound up that they'd only give a refund if I could show them the identical
object at the price I was claiming.  Problem is, one-of-a-kind objects (such
as artist's books...) aren't generally mass-produced.  Finally, I gave up.
So, that's what you may have to deal with!

Amusing about customs -- I shipped things from India for a while (DHL was
good and fast, yet EXPENSIVE, so I finally went with regular post or cargo
freight) -- you have to get things sealed on the box itself, then sewn up in
muslin "post office cloth," then tied with jute, then sealed all over with
gobs of red wax, and the customs declaration heavily glued to the outside.
The benefit to that?  Not once did customs open a package!  (The other
benefit?  People on the receiving end are highly entertained!)

--Marguerite Radhakrishnan

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