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Re: [BKARTS] shipping options

As Aaron can attest, a major problem with FedEx is the brokerage process. Not only are the fees high, they have the annoying habit of clearing things through customers and then, months later, informing you that there is brokerage due. Talas could have been stuck with the bill but since I agreed I had ordered that material I paid the extra when contacted by Talas but I was out the money because the client had already received the portfolios I had made with the silk materials. After paying about $40.oo no-one expected an additional brokerage fee of $56 to come months later. That not only took all the profit but also contributed to a loss on that shipment.
I know the Canadian post office pays claims, albeit reluctantly. I am amazed that Americans put up with such abuse from their post office. Ben Franklin must be spinning! <grin>
Hope everyone had a great Easter.
Dave Allen

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Aaron Salik wrote:
As a shipper of about 100 packages a day, I can say that we have a fair
amount of experiences (both positive and negative) with just about all
shipping carriers, and would like to respond to statements that have been

First off it is important to state with the world (US and outside areas) as
large as it is, every shipping company has areas that they serve better than
others.  We have plenty of customers that wish we didn't use FedEx Ground,
but we also have plenty of customers who specifically state not to send by
UPS, as again each company serves certain areas better than others.  I am
sincerely sorry if you are a person that resides in an area where a carrier
that we do not use serves your area better than others available.

FedEx Ground and UPS Ground service as far as services available, price, etc
are exactly identical - to the point that it is kind of scary.  But by in
large our claims (and this includes damage, loss, non-delivery, etc) are
down about 20% with FedEx Ground compared to UPS, and that to us is very
important for customers receiving their merchandise in good working order.

I would also like to comment about shipping by mail. We do ship by mail,
it's outlined on our web site, but again as a shipper of lots of packages I
think I know what they are good at and what they are not. They are good for
letters, small parcels, and things of this nature. However if something
goes wrong you are completely out of luck trying to figure out what the
problem is, where your package is, or when you will receive it. Have you
ever tried to find a phone number on the USPS web site? It's quite comical.
Also I am unsure if you have ever tried to submit a claim on loss or damage,
but purchasing additional insurance is simply a waste of money, as the USPS
does not pay claims.

So we do ship by mail, and certainly advise people to do so on small
international orders of little value and are not time sensitive, where it is
worth the risk.  However we state that on orders shipped out by mail we will
not accept a claim for loss or damage in transit, it is at the customers

So like many things in life I do think you get what you pay for when
employing the services of a currier such as FedEx or UPS rather than
shipping by mail.  It is just a question as to what is appropriate for your

Aaron Salik
20 West 20th Street
New York, NY 10011
212-219-0770 Phone
212-219-0735 Fax

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The Bonefolder, Vol. 4, No. 1, 2007 is Now Online at
For all your subscription questions, go to the
Book_Arts-L FAQ and Archive.
See <http://www.philobiblon.com> for full information

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