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[BKARTS] Seeking info on how to promote workshops in Medina, Ohio

I am in the process of trying to get some workshops going out of my studio this summer. I have designed a brochure and have started to distribute it around this area. I am looking for suggestions from people who teach their own workshops.I would like to make some profit from this venture. So far I have spent not a small amount of money on making color copies of the brochure (ends up about $1 per copy) at Office Max. I make some of the copies at home on my computer but that is so slow and time consuming (and maybe not a lot cheaper. Postage to send these brochures out adds up also. So I have been getting copies made in small amounts and sending them out in small bundles of 5 with a cover letter/ flyer to some of the places listed below.

Also I would like suggestions on where to advertise and where to send these brochures. I am marketing the workshops to beginning book binders, artist books makers, craftspeople, teachers, high school and college age students.

I have sent brochures to some school districts (I thought teachers would like to learn the craft to pass on to their students)
Local Arts leagues
Some local museums
Putting brochures in art supply stores
Retirement Home
Some local colleges
Sent the info to a local newspaper hoping they will include it in an arts column (can't afford paid advertising)

You can download the brochure from my website (which I make clear in the flyer- hoping to save money on printing costs)


So any advice/ suggestions you folks could give me to make this a success would be great.

Thanks so much for any help you could offer.
Julie Friedman
Stone Fence Press
Medina, Ohio

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