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[BKARTS] UPS Experience

Last year I shipped an artist book and sculpture via UPS Ground to the 
Kentucky Museum from NYC. The sculpture was carefully wrapped in 
two inches of bubble wrap, boxed and placed in a second box with 
another two inches of bubble wrapped between boxes. It was insured 
for mucho bucks!

When it was returned to me the sculpture was broken. UPS  
photographed the boxes, bubble wrap, book and sculpture then, dragging their feet for almost six months, denied responsibility.
Can't tell you how many people I spoke to along the way. 

Whenever I call for a pick-up order the UPS operator quotes a 
remark in my "permanent file" which begs, PLEASE DO NOT 

It's difficult to believe only two people handle the packages,
which often arrive with what looks like skid marks across the 
bashed-in boxes.

Glad to hear that FedEx Ground and UPS Ground are the same price.
Next shipment.
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