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Re: [BKARTS] shipping options

Wed, 26 Mar 2008 12:18:34 -0700 Dave Allen wrote:

I would be very cautious about accepting that fact because the same paperwork has to be done for both air and ground shipments. I wonder if what will happen is that, like my experience with FedEx, you will get billed for the brokerage months later.

I've experienced the FedEx delayed billing; the bill (for GST, PST and a $7 handling fee) arrived about 6 weeks after the shipment. No brokerage fee was charged.

It has already been 5 months since receipt of the UPS Air parcel, and no brokerage bill... (yet?). (Unfortunately, I don't have the paperwork for that UPS Air shipment; it was an item sent to my son, and he tossed the paperwork once he was sure the goods were good, so to speak.) I do recall that the bill paid at the door was for GST only - no brokerage.

On the other hand, the UPS Ground shipment had a bill for GST on the goods, a brokerage fee, and then GST on the brokerage fee.

Wed, 26 Mar 2008 15:28:33 -0600 Linda Tanaka wrote:

USPS will generally arrive free of charges but if charges are incurred it is GST - 5% and a 5.00 fee for opening the parcel at customs.

Hence the desire to wait until hell freezes over for orders but at least a person can afford it.

I have little "desire" to wait so long, but I've taught myself the patience to wait, and have figured out which is the best USPS service to choose for any particular item I'm expecting to receive. I usually specify this choice to the seller, as many people in the US are unfamiliar with the options for shipping outside the US, and have no idea what will actually happen to the parcel en route. Usually, weight permitting, I select First Class International; there is no point in having something sent at great expense all "Prioritied-up", when it is only going to linger at Canada Customs (sometimes as much as a month), thereby undoing all that well-intentioned Priority. 8^( And as Aaron Salik has mentioned, the tracking stops dead once the the parcel has left USPS territory!

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Randi DeLisle wrote:
Aaron Salik wrote:

Also, most often when people are comparing prices it is on services by air
which are more expensive.  It should also be said that this is where
shipping companies really start playing games with discounts as there is a
lot more money to be made on air shipments than on ground ones.

Aaron's mention of air shipping reminds me... I recently learned from UPS customer service that UPS charges a brokerage fee (into Canada) on Ground shipping but _not_ on Air shipping. I imagine it would be possible to compare the price of air vs. ground; just haven't done that myself yet.

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