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Re: [BKARTS] Stiffening Paper

The most effective way I have ever seen of making paper 'stiffer' and suitable for sculpting with (and this may not be something you want to do or have the ability to do), is in the fibres.

Have you considered using a blend of fibres to find something that will 'stand up' so to speak?
I have seen artists use a blend of fibres to acheive the right level of strength and durability to create sculptural forms quite successfully. I have seen banana fibre used as the base for pulp used to cast 3 dimensional forms, and this was cast in a relatively traditional method, though I know the drying process was a challenge. This same artist I'm thinking of, Brett Robinson, also used banana as a base with pulped recycled cardboard boxes, both to strengthen and bond the poor quality cardboard, which was then used to make quite thick sheets of corrugated paper which was cast on corrugated iron. This paper was extremely durable and was eventually used to build a shed for an exhibition.

I would consider what fibres you have at your disposal.

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