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[BKARTS] RBS Freshest Advices: April 2008

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Rare Book School FRESHEST ADVICES April 2008

Two years ago, the RBS staff compiled a directory of the principal librarians, curators, directors, and suchlike working in member institutions of the Association of Research Libraries ? a non-profit organization of 123 large research libraries in the US and Canada:
We have now mounted this directory on the RBS website at
The directory sets forth the names, addresses, and contact information of persons working in ARL libraries who have (or might appropriately have) the words "rare books" or "manuscripts" or "special collections" in their titles but who report to a person who reasonably does not and would not have these words in their titles. We have also provided a geographical index to the institutions listed.
Some ARL libraries in the directory are represented by a single person ? typically the case with smaller institutions, and those with a tight, system-wide hierarchy. Other ARL libraries are represented by several persons who are in different administrative hierarchies within their institutions (e.g. the heads of special collections in their law and medical libraries). We annually email a copy of the directory to those listed in it, in order to improve its accuracy and keep it current, and have recently completed a correction cycle, so the list should be pretty accurate. Many thanks to demon RBS webpersons Ryan Roth and Joseph Ennis) for writing the programs that mount the directory on the RBS website and keep it current. Let us know if you find it useful.

In 1989, we began to publish the Book Arts Press Address Book, an address list of RBS participants and other persons connected to the school; the 64-page Address Book contained about 1400 addresses, about a quarter of whom were Friends of RBS. We?ve done a new edition of the Address Book every year or two, ever since.
We are very pleased to announce the publication of the 10th edition of the Book Arts Press Address Book, copies of which are being mailed to the Friends this week (see


for a picture of the mailing in progress). This year marks the 25th anniversary of the founding of RBS, and the new Address Book contains a number of extra bells and whistles to help mark the occasion in addition to the main directory, which now contains about 3,000 names:
A short history of RBS and its parent, the Book Arts Press (BAP)
A list of all RBS courses offered, 1983-2008
A list of RBS faculty members, 1983-2008
A short history of BAP/RBS public lectures, together with
A list of RBS lectures nos. 1-500
A hard-copy version of the directory of ARL librarians described above

At 352 pages, the new Address Book is considerably longer than any of its predecessors. Copies are available to non-Friends at $30 each (plus $5 for domestic shipping via UPS).
In addition to the 26 RBS courses already announced for this year, we are pleased to add the following two, scheduled to run in Baltimore Monday-Friday, 3-7 November:

    M-20    Introduction to Western Codicology. Albert Derolez
    I-20    Book Illustration Processes to 1900. Terry Belanger

See the RBS website at www.rarebookschool.org for details.

Terry Belanger
University Professor, Honorary Curator of Special Collections
Director, Rare Book School : University of Virginia
Rare Book School : PO 400103 : Charlottesville, VA 22904-4103
Email belanger@xxxxxxxxxxxx : Phone 434-924-8851 : Fax 434-924-8824
URL <http://www.rarebookschool.org>

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