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[BKARTS] Jade 711 softens Jade 711

Way to much has probably been said about brush cleaning but David 
Amstell's comments are misleading and so are the elaborate, time consuming 
methods of cleaning a dried PVA brush employing lice combs and solvents. 
Nor do you have to throw the brush out! 
I ran a test to make sure after being 'corrected', because though the PVA 
I use is Jade 711, and not water reversable, I do often use it mixed with 
Methyl Cellulose.  Last night I dried out a brush full of straight Jade 
711. I put it in a container of fresh Jade 711 this morning and by 
afternoon, it washed clean with ordinary soap and water and ordinary 
Again, I am not sure why this works but it does.  One idea is that the 
outgassing of the alcohol in the PVA has this effect. 

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