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[BKARTS] insurance counsel from the list

I would greatly appreciate your help in the following matter. Please pardon 
if this is not a specific book arts question, but it does impact on pursuing 
one's art.
My son, Michael,  is graduating from Carnegie Mellon next month with a double 
major in visual art and literature. He would like to continue doing his art 
for the next year, with some part time work to cover his expenses. He is 
currently creating graphic novels, digital videos and performance art. You can see 
the graphic novel "made in Pittsburgh" at http://www.lulu.com/content/2138565, 
which was created as a class project - and he designed the cover, plus a story 
Up to now, as long as he is in school, he was covered by our health 
insurance. Once he graduates, this will end. We have looked into COBRA as part of our 
insurance, but the cost is very high. Are there health insurance programs that 
you can recommend that would fit his profile, cover his needs and are not be 
prohibitive in cost?
Thank you in advance. You can respond to me directly at mgpstudio@xxxxxxx


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