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[BKARTS] Insurance Counsel from list

I can sympathize, as we faced the same problem when our daughter graduated  
from college. Many people are able to get a somewhat limited "gap" insurance  
plan for their kids until the children get a job that provides insurance  
coverage. That wouldn't work in our case, and it was very important that our  
daughter not have a lapse in coverage or she would be subject to "preexisting  
conditions" restrictions when an employer's plan picked her up. She has epilepsy  
and takes an expensive drug for it, so a lapse in insurance would be extremely 
What I would suggest as a good solution (assuming the hours and pay work  for 
him) is for your son to get a job at Starbucks. Starbucks gives part-time  
employees (who average 20 hours a week in any given quarter) excellent benefits, 
 including good, affordable health insurance. (I know about this because our  
daughter is a barrista.) Another company that gives benefits to part time  
employees is Container Store. A friend of my daughter's who lost insurance when  
he graduated from the Art Institute of Washington, realized he couldn't go  
without insurance after an accident and got a job at Container Store to get  
insurance while he was looking for a full-time job in his field. 
It would, indeed, be wonderful if we had a saner health insurance system in  
this country. (I think I'd go for emigrating to Britain rather than Canada if  
only for the milder winters.) Unfortunately, we're stuck with this crazy 
system  that "rewards" kids who work hard, play by the rules, and go through 
college by  cutting off their health insurance. 
In the meantime, I'll never complain about a $3 latte. 

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