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[BKARTS] ANN--Exhibition of Rose Seder book in NYC

[This announcement comes from a member of the donors' family whom I've worked for. I've seen the books. The family commissioned various artists over the years and each volume is simply amazing. pwr]

The Rose Haggadah 
On Exhibition at the New York Public Library, 42nd and Fifth Avenue

The Rose Haggadah, in reality, the guest books of Passover dinners held and attended by the descendants of Joseph and Anna Rose and Samuel B. and Belle Rose and their guests, over a period of eighty years, will be on display in the McGraw Rotunda, just outside the Main Reading Room of the New York Public Library (Fifth Ave. and 42nd Street, 3rd floor) from Monday, April 14 through Sunday, May 4.

The three volumes were illustrated each year on Passover themes by artists such as Chaim Gross, Frank Stella, Larry Rivers, Leonard Baskin, Joseph Hirsch, David Levine, Mark Podwal, Harvey Dinerstein and Ruth Weissberg.

This year's display of one open book will show the work of the artist Sam Fink who is now in his nineties and still every active. He recently has published in his calligraphy combined with illustration two documents of freedom, The Gettysburg Address and the the Book of Exodus. These projects were the outgrowth of twenty-five years of thinking that started with the commission he received from the Rose family for the Seder of 1982.

An electronic presentation will allow views to see the other books and pages at leisure.

The book is on view from April 14, 2008 – May 5, 2008 at the Humanities and Social Science Library in Manhattan.

More information and the official NY Public Library exhibition notice is here: http://www.nypl.org/news/articles/preview/?article_id=98

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