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*Spam?* hello



I know that you probably get that kind of email every single day, but please just take a minute and read. I won`t tell you about helping animals or saving life of a little baby and that kind of stuff that people make up to reach their goal. I just want to tell you the real situation.

I am 20 years old girl. I have problems in life like we all do, but i don`t have family or anyone who could help me, so I decided to turn to all the people. Actually I need money. Sadly without money world today is not able to work, that`s why we probably have so much trouble. The thing is that i really want to get to college, but i don`t have enough money, i finished high school and now i`ve been working in some factory for a year, salary isn`t so high that i could save some money, i spend it for rent, food , for necessities of life.

That is why I ask you for help if it is possible. Donate some money, one cent maybe don`t mean a lot to you but it can change my life . I don`t want to impose you anything i understand that life isn`t easy for anyone, but still if you have some coins to spend, please make something good of it.

My biggest desire is to change my life into something good, i want a chance to study and learn, to finish college and get a better job, to provide enough to live normally. Please help me to reach that!


I wish you all the best.



If you want just chat and share your thoughts, troubles, questions,  you can write me on my email:


If you want to donate some helpful cents use this:

-          Paypal account is: clara1987@xxxxxxx ,  (https://www.paypal.com/si/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_home )

-          This is international bank account where you can also send some cents:

IBAN: SI56 0600 0097 1219 492


If  - for you - this is just  an ordinary mail please send it on to your friends, relatives, other people.


Thank you



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