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Re: [BKARTS] printing on book board for children's books

Hello all,
I have a client who is looking for someone who can print on book board to make children's books. Like the regular children's books found at the stores, with the laminated pages. 
Alex Appella


Right off hand I can think of two ways to do something like this.

In the first method, print out each page, slightly oversize on whatever paper is desired.  Then put the pages back to back with the blank sides together on the inside.  Laminate the pages as usual, then cut the pages to the desired size.  The pages will separate and you can glue them blank side down to the boards.  

Another method that will work involves using T-shirt transfers that are meant for dark fabrics. (The ones I have used comes from Hanes.) These transfers have a plasticized surface.  Print out the pages on the T-shirt transfers instead of on paper and then iron each transfer onto the boards.  Although the finished pages are not laminated, they can be washed, and I think the finished pages look much better than those that are laminated.


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