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[BKARTS] binder minder

This question is more likely for the librarians and archivists in the group.

I was wondering if anyone has purchased the Binder Minder platen for their photo copiers.


If you have any comments positive or negative, I'd like to hear them. The library is currently in need of a new copier and we are having trouble getting a BookMark (book-friendly copier) from Xerox. The scuttlebutt is since they were replaced by Lanier as the state vendor, Xerox has not been cooperative.

This might be our solution but I have never seen it at work or seen them at a conference.

Thanks for your help.

Mary Jo Koranda			Law Library
Head of Circulation		University of Wisconsin Madison
608 262 2213  phone	    975 Bascom Mall
608.262.2775  fax		Madison, WI  53706
mkoranda@xxxxxxxx	   http://library.law.wisc.edu

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