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Re: [BKARTS] BOOK_ARTS-L Board Books

It is possible to buy blank board books from C&T Publishing (just Google them). They carry a variety of sizes in non-shiny white, and a limited amount in non-shiny black. The pages are not as thick as the chipboard board books, and cannot really be treated as I describe below (they don't need gesso).

I haven't tried printing on board books. I do know how to prepare the pages of the chipboard boardbook. You can leave the shiny, laminated layer intact and either cover it or sand it to the degree you desire. Or, you can carefully peel the shiny layer from the chipboard. You will end up with a rough surface that can be sanded. 

For the smoothest surface, I have sanded the rough chipboard, painted a coat of gesso. Sanded the gesso surface, added another coat of gesso, and sanded the surface again -- allowing the gesso to dry, of course, before sanding.

If you do print on another surface and tip in the text and/or images, the book will have a tendency to spring open. It will also have a tendency to spring open if you cover the pages with decorative paper. With chipboard, it is possible to cut into the surface and peel away another layer or two, so you can sink your paper into the page. If you decide to remove a page to rid yourself of bulk, consider carefully the construction of the book.

And enjoy yourself.

Ginnie Mickelson
Cupertino, CA

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