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[BKARTS] Iraq,Paper,Scissors



Above is the website of the filmmaker, Sara Nesson, who was traveling with
the Combat Paper/Warrior Writers project when they came through Santa
Barbara last month.  The eight person tour stayed at my house and then Sara
and one of the veterans came back and stayed for more time.  She made this
trailer, called "Iraq, Paper, Scissors" while she was here.  It is a gem in
itself - the whole documentary will be feature length but this gives a real
feel of who these guys are and what an extraordinary book and paper project
this is. 


This teaser is 15 minutes and you need to have Quicktime to view it. Another
way to find out about this project is to go to:




Jill Littlewood

VP Annual Meetings for the Friends of Dard Hunter, Inc.


435 E. Pedregosa

Santa Barbara, CA, 93103

(805) 898-9260 (home)

(805) 448-2045 (cell)

(805) 898-0703 (fax)



Kona, Hawaii, October 23 -26, 2008


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