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[BKARTS] relevance of the book in the internet age

Ibelieve the people who study the history of technology have somethingto say about the persistence of old technologies -- does anyone on thislist have this at their fingertips? I think one reason we keep hearing about the demise of the Book is trouble with thenotion of relevance. Information is relevant; what the information ispackaged in is irrelevant. People confuse the two. The cultural work which the package does is quite different from the contents. Whyelse would people treasure books (and not necessarily old or beautifulones) in languages they can't read? Le livre pour le livre, toparaphrase a once famous art critic and pornographer. Must run -- mybed is piled with damned thick square tomes to cuddle up to. Here's a question for book arts people: what cultural work do books (assuch) do besides the conventionally cited cuddle-factor? Can anyonepass on some good bedside reading on this?
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