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Re: [BKARTS] Spokane, WA


Last summer, I spent a week in?Spokane.? Among the book-related sites in this very pleasant city were Auntie's Bookstore.? At that time, the third floor had been vacated by the bookstore, and areas were being rented.? I thought it would make a great?location for book arts people and those working in other?crafts.? The bookstore, itself, sells new and used books, and had some wonderful selections.

The Spokane Public Library was also a highlight with numerous, current craft periodicals and a fine circulating collection.? The Rare Book Room specializes in Northwest regional materials.

Although not about books in particular, the?Northwest Museum of Art and Culture?has a collection addressing a range of centuries and geographical locations, and special exhibitions relating to the regional area.? The bookstore had some very interesting materials.? The Campbell House,?affiliated with the museum and nearby,?was interesting architecturally and for the decorative arts it holds.? 

The city is scenic with gardens, an appreciation of its history, and friendly people.? I think there's much potential there for book arts; other contemporary crafts were in evidence in some shops.

Nancy N.
Elkins Park, PA

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I'm new to this list-serve, but it looks like a great forum for finding out about book-related enterprises in various cities. I'm going to be in Spokane, WA, the end of May, scouting the city for possible retirement (husband's, not mine). I would love to find out whether there are book artists working in that area and any workshops, organizations, etc, devoted to book arts. Thanks a bunch, y'all.?
- Marilynn?
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