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Re: [BKARTS] LaTeX [was: How to print the same ...]

On 25/04/2008, at 4:39 AM, Dan Kappus wrote:
The reason why it may be useful for the project under discussion is that unlike WYSIWYG programs (InDesign), LaTeX is a markup language that can be presented in multiple formats as needed. Its similar to how CSS works-- the content is separate from the formatting so that the style information can be reinterpreted for each new presentation medium, in this case, two different book sizes.

You might also look into DocBook, another open source tool that helps manage the layout of books that may need to be presented in several different presentation media.

I actually originally formatted the book, when it was my PhD thesis, with DocBook. However I found it much too limiting. For example, there is no way, with DocBook, to craft an original title page, half- title page or copyright page.

With LaTeX, which comes with hundreds of add-on macro packages and a couple that are especially for book design (eg. Memoir, which I am using), you have much more freedom in that respect.

(Actually in truth I am using LyX as an editor (see http:// www.lyx.org/), which gives you a subset of LaTeX functionality in a WYSIWYG editor, but when you run into its limitations you can insert raw TeX/LaTeX commands too.)

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