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Re: [BKARTS] How to print the same book on two sizes of paper

I don't have very much experience with this, but it sure seems to me that instead of writing your own SGML application/DTD, it might be easier to use a SGML DTD that someone else came up with already. I did mention DocBook already, didn't I? It's a mature DTD for this purpose, available both for SGML and XML.

Dan Kappus
Illimitable Enterprises

Martin Wheeler wrote:
On Thu, 24 Apr 2008, Jeremy Malcolm wrote:

Does anyone have any experience they can share about formatting a book so that
it looks correct on both sizes of paper?

Well, I use a completely different solution from the pragmatic one proposed by Winston (find an intermediate size that fits both sizes of paper) -- which is to mark up the text in SGML (qv), then use a suitable DTD (qv) for each different print requirement, whatever that requirement might be.

But SGML is is not LaTeX; and the learning curve is pretty onerous.
Conversion from one to the other is not quite there yet (OK if you're not
using trickily-set formulae); so it's maybe something to look up under
google, but not go for yet unless you're absolutely sure what you're

But it would be my solution.


Dan Kappus

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