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Re: [BKARTS] relevance of the book in the internet age

"...books are efficient."

I couldn't agree more.

My university Freshman son wanted to know the chemical composition of a
mineral.  He had his powered-off laptop in front of him and said he
could find it before I did (as a retired geologist, I still keep certain
reference materials on the shelves).

I calmly walked downstairs, pulled my copy of Dana, returned back
upstairs, opened to the index, located the mineral in question and
easily located the composition...By now his laptop was booted and he was
preparing to "Google" the mineral.

I suspect I would have been somewhat more pressed had his laptop
actually be up and running.  However, once I had Dana in hand I had
essentially instantaneous access to the world's mineralogy at my
fingertips.  I daresay initiating a search for each item would be
somewhat more cumbersome.

Hooray Books!

Wayne White

If those of us who "can", "do" then those of us who "can't" won't suffer
as much from the high prices of excess.

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