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Re: [BKARTS] self-publishing via web sites

seawall wrote:
has anyone out there published on either lulu.com or blurb.com, one or the other or both?
or another self-publishing site?
I have several books at <http://www.lulu.com/jules>, but they are mainly text. The covers are in color and they print beautifully. Anita did a calendar. The color was excellent. Lulu is much more flexible and professional than blurb, however. That will only matter if you are skilled at designing your own books.
i am wondering if one is better than the other.....in terms of easiness to use, programs, quality of printing etc, especially where reproduction of photographs is concerned.
Try them both and see. The formatting process is similar if you use their default templates.
also, what happens to copyright using those sites- does it remain with the artist? i ask because i'd like to create a few small books to then take around to publishers......
The copyright is yours.

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