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Re: [BKARTS] self-publishing via web sites


I didn't say that either Blurb or Lulu owned the facilities that they use to
produce their books, I was just making the point that they used HP Indigo
and Xerox iGen technologies respectively to produce them, and that in
general HP Indigo has the edge on iGen for image reproduction.

As far as quality, neither Indigo nor iGen are close to the quality of
really high end 300-line sheet-fed offset or the near continuous-tone look
of archival inkjet printers like Epson. Both Indigo and iGen have improved a
lot in the last few years, but this is still apples to oranges and the
difference in production cost is huge. Although you don't say so, I assume
that you are using inkjet, or as the gallery and museum's like to
euphemistically call it gicleé. (Thankfully this silly nomenclature conceit,
gicleé, seems to be disappearing as the acceptability of 'digital inkjet'
output appears to be gaining respectability.)

By the way, from what I understand, Booksurge, which is owned by Amazon,
also outsources all production. This seems to be standard for most of these
companies. Apple's iPhoto reportedly uses MyPublisher, which uses HP Indigo.


On 4/28/08 12:21 AM, you wrote:

Hello All,

I am a new subscriber to this forum (digest version), and thought that
I should reply to this string. My reason for reading through the Book
Arts list is that I started a short run book making company about a
year ago, and want to learn as much as I can. I was motivated to start
the company because I am a photographer, and found the existing
options - Blurb, LuLu, iPhoto, Snapfish, MyPublisher etc. to be too
limiting in both format and material choice, and as a photographer, I
found the print quality to be horrendous at best.

So - this is a bit of a plug for what I do. What I do not do is make 1
copy of anything cheaply, or help with distribution.

If you want to distribute a novel or poetry book, look at Booksurge
for sure. Lightning Source is good, but less user friendly. If you
want to make a handful of simply photo books, Blurb is likely best
(though one correction is that they do not own a single printer or
manufacturing facility - they outsource everything).

If you want personal service and high quality photographic
reproduction, feel free to send me an email.

Ben M Zlotkin
Edition One Studios

+1 510 597 0102

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .     .    .    .

Philip Zimmermann

6455 Montgomery Street
Rhinebeck NY 12572
5467 E. Placita Del Mesquite
Tucson AZ  85712

t  :   845 876 2719
c  :  845 282 2665

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