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Re: [BKARTS] self-publishing via web sites


I believe that the more expensive books at Blurb are indeed printed with Indigos. I know one of their fulfillment centers is in the UK, and some are stateside. Their nicer books are side-sewn using an ODM side sewer, and then cased in with the ODM single wing machine. This is a standard set up for the pre-formatted, on-demand guys. Some still use the Powis Parker Fastback machines, but all of those books will eventually come apart in my opinion (at least the thicker ones).

You're right that all of the larger online book printers are using a select few fulfillment contractors. Booksurge is too for sure. I mention them only because they offer a higher level of service. Amazon bought them at the same time they bought a company started by friends of mine that does on-demand DVDs. It is a solid company for what it does.

Supposedly Apple no longer uses MyPublisher. Jobs was upset that they started marketing their own product, and he reportedly was unhappy with the quality.

We actually run Xerox presses as well. We happen to manage them through a proprietary RIP, which is where our print quality. There is not yet a feasible ink-jet option. Im waiting...

Ben Z.

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