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[BKARTS] Website with reference to printers, binders, supply sources, etc.

10:36 AM 5/2/2008 -----Original Message-----
>From: Jim Karr <books@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>...shouldn't there be a website that lists artisan
>bookbinders, letter press printers, sources for supplies in the local
>areas, etc. Does such a thing exist and if not, would anyone be
>interested in collaborating on such a project?

I would like to point out the Book Arts Classified, which migrated from print to web a couple of years ago: www.bookarts.com. The site has both a directory and a classified listing section. We are currently working on site improvements (which will enable easier searching by location)...so watch for more on Book Arts Classified in coming months.
Best, Mary
Mary Tasillo

Book Arts Classified is a commercial website. No harm in that, but the site's rates (while reasonable) discourage many organizations and individuals from listing their services there.
More generally, the principal problem in constructing a book-arts services linking website is quality control; e.g. one typically wants a good binder, not just a binder. But who is to do the ranking?
By far the best place to find out the sort of information Jim Karr seeks is the enormous Links section of the Book Arts Web itself:
The bibliographical and book arts worlds continue to be greatly in Web owner Peter Verheyen's debt for maintaining this free service.

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