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Re: [BKARTS] Applying Renaissance Wax to Brushed Leather

>Perhaps not but I got a "Large 5 oz. Vegetable Tanned Cowhide Leather Hide
>Hides" off ebay for not very much to experiment with. (snip)
>Now the finish is a smooth hard golden tan with a soft sheen that I do
>like but the look is mottled which is not too bad really but would prefer
>if it were not.

Without knowing anything about the tannery which produced the hide you have,
there are a few generalities which may be stated.

Many hides which are tanned in the United States and Europe come from
South America.  They spend weeks-to-months in salt between the time the
hide is taken, while in storage, in transit on shipboard, in storage at
the tannery until they are tanned.

They can get a little 'off' during this time and may actually have begun
to rot by the time tanning takes place.

After tanning (which stops the rot) they may not be of very high quality,
while looking alright in a picture on eBay.

Price is often a clue.


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