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[BKARTS] smeary paper?

Hello all,

I bought a sheet of beautiful dark-green hand-marbled paper at a fine store in London for 1/2 off because it had some defects (big thumbprints, etc.) and just discovered that the ink comes off on my hand!! I've already used the paper to bind a blank journal, so I'm looking for a quick solution so that the book's recipient doesn't have to wash her hands every time she writes in it. I remember spraying hair-spray on charcoal drawings to "fix" the charcoal and keep it from smearing, would that work here?

And, a separate question prompted by equal parts ignorance and indignation- is fixing the ink the last part of the process of hand- marbling paper that in this case the paper-makers decided to forego since the paper was defective anyway? If so, shouldn't the store have told buyers that this one last step hadn't been performed? (I know, caveat emptor, but still...)

Thank you,



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