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Re: [BKARTS] "Archival" tissue paper

I think you will be hearing from a number of people on this.
I am not a paper chemist, but I think that I see a KEY word that may explain your situation. You say:
"(a) Could a roll of presumably unbuffered, archival quality" tissue......". The Abbey Pen will only tell you whether a paper is either acidic or alkaline. Since the tissue is "Unbuffered", the reading might be slightly acidic. If the paper was buffered, we would hope that you would get an alkaline reading.
Maybe the tissue should be properly tested either with a pH meter, or you could use the pH strips. Hopefully, you would see a reading close to pH 7.0.
Just a suggestion and that is my understanding of the chemistry.
Bill Minter

On May 15, 2008, at 2:20 PM, Jane Thompson wrote:
We found a roll of "archival" tissue paper purchased about ten years ago
which, when tested with an Abbey pen, indicated a high level of acidity
throughout. This unscientific conclusion of a high level of acidity was
based on the fact that the mark made by the Abbey pen did not turn
purple. We then investigated the tissue in use with our museum items
and found that it, too, failed to turn the Abbey "ink" purple.
Obviously, we have not taken coursework in paper chemistry.


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