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Re: [BKARTS] Adhesive on very glossy paper

My only thoughts were to rough the paper up since it's the spine... it's probably a UV Gloss coating on the paper, so I think sanding it would be the only way. The only other thought is, would something like gorilla glue be acid free? That stuff (if applied VERY lightly) should do the trick.. stuff glues damn near anything together.


kel flowers wrote:
Hi all,

My brother recently gave me a book he needs repaired, and looking at it has
left me wondering.
It's a Phaidon art book, I guess you could say coffee-table style... heavy,
very glossy paper.

The problem is that the spine adhesive has come away from the gatherings,
completely in tact.
Here's a photo:

My first wondering is why! It's a pretty new book, and looks in perfect
condition apart from the glaringly obvious problem with the glue.
Also, can anyone give me some suggestions for the best type of adhesive I
could use to repair this (the very glossy paper has me a little leerey).

Thanks in advance!

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