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Re: [BKARTS] Adhesive on very glossy paper

Hi Kel,
Planatol bb Superior pva was formulated for just such a use. I use it for all my pva and mixture gluing.I do not work for, nor do I have any affiliation with, Planatol.
You don't state where you are from but here in Canada I get it from Sydney R. Stone http://www.printfinishing.com/. In the USA try Gane brothers.
Dave Allen

Beddall Bookbinding Conservation & Restoration
840 Snowdrop Ave. Victoria BC V8Z 2N4
(250)888-9380    http://www.Bookbinder.ca

kel flowers wrote:
Hi all,

My brother recently gave me a book he needs repaired, and looking at it has
left me wondering.
It's a Phaidon art book, I guess you could say coffee-table style... heavy,
very glossy paper.

The problem is that the spine adhesive has come away from the gatherings,
completely in tact.
Here's a photo:

My first wondering is why! It's a pretty new book, and looks in perfect
condition apart from the glaringly obvious problem with the glue.
Also, can anyone give me some suggestions for the best type of adhesive I
could use to repair this (the very glossy paper has me a little leerey).

Thanks in advance!

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