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Re: [BKARTS] Adhesive on very glossy paper

I agree... it seems to me that the adhesive the publisher used was a
hot-melt type.

"Hot-melt glues, which consist of polymers mixed with resins, differ from
other adhesives in that they set by cooling instead of evaporation. They
bond instantly when cooled but the adhesive will not flow around the exposed
paper fibers when the glue is applied below the recommended temperature of
350-400 ºF." [Lyman: Binding and Finishing; Graphic Arts Technical
Foundation; (1993).]

It contains very little water, so is not well-stuck to the coated stock,
especially if applied below the recommended temperature.

Also see:
at < http://aic.stanford.edu/jaic/articles/jaic18-01-006.html >

Alan Shalette

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I would think that most any water-borne glue would fix it.  What happens
when glossy coated paper gets wet?  It adheres itself to anything it
touches.  Occasionally, an art book from the circulating collection comes
through my bindery for repair.  When one does, I just fix it with PVA and
send it back out.

Chad Longley
Preservation Coordinator
Brown Library
Abilene Christian University

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> Hi all,
> My brother recently gave me a book he needs repaired, and 
> looking at it has left me wondering.
> It's a Phaidon art book, I guess you could say coffee-table 
> style... heavy, very glossy paper.
> The problem is that the spine adhesive has come away from the 
> gatherings, completely in tact.
> Here's a photo:
> http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b367/myceliae/howannoying.jpg
> My first wondering is why! It's a pretty new book, and looks 
> in perfect condition apart from the glaringly obvious problem 
> with the glue.
> Also, can anyone give me some suggestions for the best type 
> of adhesive I could use to repair this (the very glossy paper 
> has me a little leerey).
> Thanks in advance!
> Kel.

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