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[BKARTS] Antithesis?

I can assure you that this machine is the antithesis of everything the
people on this list care about: fine papers, beautiful printing, hand
crafted bindings and finishing.

I think this statement is wrong. While I enjoy fine papers, beautiful bindings and gorgeous books, I always buy a book for it's content.

I have bought many books that were $2 or $3 for my children which the bindings
were never expected to outlive their childhood. I certainly wouldn't pay $30+ per
title for the crayon opportunities books offered my young kids.

The power that book ownership offers a growing mind is the only way to get
to appreciation. My children are now young ladies and read so fast they devour
an 800 page book in an afternoon. Not all books are worth owning so they
use the library extensively. Once a book is found that they enjoy and
want to own, then a nicely bound copy is sought.

I think there are many children (and adults) that need to learn appreciation of a book.
It starts with inexpensive bindings. A few crayons, scissors, and mud puddles later
the seed of appreciation grows because book content nurtured the seedling of

I love books, period. That is why I'm here.


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