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Re: [BKARTS] Printing on vellum

I think we're talking about the untanned, stretched and scraped animal skin,
not the paper variety of "vellum." 

Reminds me of a customer who wanted an edition bound in leather. When shown
some skins he commented thinking that it came on a roll...


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Vellum can in most cases be printed on by inkjet printers with no problem
(depending on the printer) but that's a slow process.  For laser printing
and other types, the most important thing (as far as I know) is the actual
vellum itself.  There are certain vellums that cannot be printed on and some
that are printer safe (the won't melt in the printer).  Otherwise, I've
printed on vellum myself several times with no problems.  It'll usualy say
on the vellum package or box whether it's safe for printing on, and
othersise, you load it into the printer just like paper.  Hope that's
helpful at least a little.


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