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[BKARTS] Upcoming Workshops at The Maine Media Workshops

There is still time to enroll in our Book Arts and Design workshops this Fall. Please visit our website for more information.
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Making Books By Hand with Tara Law
Sep 21 - Sep 27

Explore the wide range of making books as an art form.

This workshop is for artists of any discipline who want to work in the book format. Students learn through demonstrations and hands-on experience how to work with many book structures, including portfolios, signatures, journals, concertinas, accordion, and Japanese side sewn. Whether unique editions, sculptural installations or mainstream productions, this workshop covers the wide range of possible interpretations of what constitutes a book. Demonstrations are interspersed with slide shows of historical and contemporary examples of book art. Discussion of Eastern and Western papermaking is followed by demonstrations and experimentation. The workshop also explores marbling, blender transfers and the use of handmade stamps to create unique end pages.
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Tools of the Trade with Sandee Cohen
Sep 21 - Sep 27

Expand creative horizons with the full arsenal of the entire Adobe Creative Suite.

Many photographers are familiar with the extraordinary capabilities of Photoshop, from the array of masking techniques to preparations for the web and digital output. In addition to Photoshop, Adobe’s Creative Suite contains an arsenal of other programs allowing photographers to expand their creative horizons to include printed promotional materials, logos, identities, illustrations, web and e- mail graphics, even interactive documents and portfolio presentations. This hands-on workshop gives the participant a thorough understanding of the full creative suite of software including Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, and Bridge.
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The Embellished Page with Jan Owen
Sep 28 - Oct 4

Explore the creative world of words on a page.

Come and explore ways to enhance the written word. Participants see how the spontaneous and colorful patterns of pasted paper are a perfect background for the rhythm found in calligraphic writing and gestural marks. By adding another layer of color and metallic powder, the surface can become even deeper. To add words, students use dip pens and brushes and explore how speed, tools and letter forms can change the look of letters – either one’s own handwriting or a calligraphic style. The class discusses which methods seem most suitable for the words chosen, and experiment further by layering the words and images using acrylic paints and sumi ink. Historic and contemporary examples of calligraphy and manuscript page design are provided for inspiration. Finally, the class tries different ways of presenting the work: accordion fold books that hang or expand, or are mounted on hardboard and foamcore.
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Introduction to Letterpress Printing with Michael Bixler
Oct 5 - Oct 11

Learn to print like Johannes Gutenberg and Ben Franklin.

Time-Life chose the invention of printing from moveable type as the most important of the second millennium. Letterpress printing, as it is known today, is the finest method for the printing of letters on paper. This workshop begins with an explanation and discussion of letterpress terms, tools, type, history and paper. The differences between fine book printing and ephemera are discussed. Correct procedures for setting type by hand and printing on a Vandercook proof press are thoroughly demonstrated. Traditional aspects of letterpress design and typography are explored. Students print copies of a frameable, two-color type specimen broadside.

Class discussion also covers the requirements for setting up a small working letterpress studio at home, including the equipment needed and where to find it, the presses that work well in a home studio situation, and how best to move and install a press that – though relatively small – can still be very heavy. Additional discussion touches upon the use of digital typesetting and imaging in combination with letterpress printing, and how the relatively new photopolymer plate technology can work in combination with – or as an alternative to – the 500-year-old technology of moveable metal type. Subsequent course time is devoted to the planning, design, setting and printing of a personal letterpress project: a poetry broadside, card, small booklet, stationary or announcement.
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Introduction to Bookbinding
Oct 12 - Oct 18

Learn a variety of methods to bind books.

From the Library of Alexandria to the Library of Congress, books have been mankind’s predominant repository for knowledge and communication. The binding of pages together that defines a book. This workshop is an introduction to the materials, tools and techniques used in basic bookbinding structures. Participants investigate different characteristics and how to manipulate binder’s board, laid, wove, handmade and machine-made papers, as well as the proper use of bone folders, needles and threads, adhesives, cutting tools and board shears. Different sewing techniques are also covered.

Simple bindings are explored including the accordion, Japanese stab bindings and bindings sewn through the fold such as pamphlet stitch, long stitch, and Coptic. Workshop participants continue refining their binding techniques using materials created in or brought to this workshop. While advanced bookbinding techniques are beyond the scope of this workshop, the class includes a discussion of sewing on a frame, working with leather, hand tooling, options for labeling and the pros and cons of different types of presentation cases.
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Letterpress Projects with Michael Bixler
Oct 12 - Oct 18

Print an individual personal project.

This workshop is for students who are familiar with letterpress printing and the use of a Vandercook proof press. Participants in this course will plan, design, set and execute a substantial letterpress project under the guidance of a master printer.
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Photographic Portfolio Box Making
Oct 26 - Nov 1

Create a custom presentation case to house a special portfolio of work.

The presentation case creates the first impression of a collection of unique alternative-process prints or a carefully crafted body of work. This workshop focuses on the structure of a photographic portfolio box, also known as a clamshell case. Participants explore the techniques, design and presentation methods used for this type of handmade structure. Working in a fully equipped bookbinding studio with a master bookbinder, students learn the tools and techniques of making a clamshell case. Traditional and non-traditional techniques and materials are covered.

Participants are encouraged to bring a body of work to inspire a design for the custom-built case. A wide range of materials are available at the bindery, while additional materials are also discussed. Custom titling and labeling options are covered. While the design, materials and craftsmanship of the case are what make a handmade case unique, the function of the case is to protect and preserve a body of work. Issues of archival permanence are discussed and explored. The importance of acid-neutral materials including board, cloth and adhesives is covered.
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