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[BKARTS] Wood for Book Covers

I'm thinking about making a few coptic books with wooden covers, and I have
a few questions about the wood I would need to use (apologies if this topic
has already been covered--I did look in the list archives, but didn't find
quite what I was looking for).

I'd like to use wood that's native to the region I live in (British
Columbia, Canada), so I was thinking of using maple, poplar, or cedar. Do I
need to use quarter sawn wood to avoid warping? It's a bit harder to locate
quarter sawn wood, so I'm wondering if it's really essential or not.

Also, are there any other woods (not necessarily Pacific North American)
that you recommend for covers? I'm planning to do a bit of simple carving on
the covers.  I've been doing research on different woods, but would
definitely appreciate any advice you have to offer.


Barbara Simler
Moon Bindery
Kamloops, BC

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