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[BKARTS] How to have a book of photographs printed?

Hi All,

I need to print a book of photographs, so they need to be double sided pages printed so that I can fold and bind them... but it's for a single copy. I don't normally have to have this kind of thing printed, so I'm not really sure where I can have it done.

I should specify here that I only want pages that I can fold and sew. I'm not interested in having it spiral bound, wire bound, with binding posts, perfect or other adhesive binding etc, or any other method that uses single pages rather than folded pages. I also don't want to paste photographs into a book in an album style. I know there's plenty of place around that will do any of those things for me.

I'd considered hiring a high quality inkjet and testing some of that double sided paper, but I have no idea whether it's any good or not, or whether you can get it in a size that will allow me to print large enough sheets to fold (rolls and a guillotine maybe?). Maybe I'm totally off the track here. Can anyone recommend a good place or method, that isn't outrageously expensive, to have this printing done?



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