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Re: [BKARTS] How to have a book of photographs printed? addendum

jgodsey wrote:
i didn't think of this...
one could order the cheapest casing
and then remove the text block and rebind by hand.

damn that's a good idea.
I think i am gonna do that - i was still undecided about the exterior
but just using the service to print the textblock is totally affordable.
I can highly recommend lulu.com. You can see "Cancun on Foot" by Anita Brown, an example of my wife's work at <http://www.lulu.com/content/3124992>. As you'll see, the main advantage here is that you can custom-design your document using InDesign or any other DTP application and output it as a PDF. The only limitations are document size, but they have many different options. In your case, you will probably want to order saddle-stitched binding. You can then just remove the staples and sew the book yourself. There's a limited preview feature at the link above, but I'll put a full PDF up for download.on her home page <http://www.anitabrown.info> later today. Meanwhile, some of you might be interested in looking at the results of her recent trip to Chiapas at <http://www.anitabrown.info/chiapas>.

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