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Re: [BKARTS] colour copies sticking to each other

First --- you said "copies sticking to the plastic albums": All book people should know that all plastics are not alike. Some plastics contain plasticizers and/or coatings that could react with media, such as the binders in photo copy toners. A good example might be the vinyl sheet protectors that are used in some restaurants with photo copied menus --- the toner might offset onto the vinyl because the plasticizer in the vinyl has reacted with toner.

Interleaving your pages with paper is a possibility, but thin papers tend to fold and/or crease if they are bound in. And loose interleaving sheets can be lost. If plastic is used, it should be a so called archival quality, meaning that it has been tested and therefore should not react with any media. For example, a polyester film, such as Mylar D or Melinex Type 516, can be used, as well as some other similar plastic films. One of the nice properties of polyester film is that it tends to hold a static charge, thus the film will cling to a book page.
As to the question of photo copies sticking to one another: This is certainly a possibility, especially with, again, the plastic-binder used in copy toners. Obviously, there are a variety of toners on the market, but has anyone ever experienced a difficulty? I have not heard a concern nor of an incident, but it would be good to know if there have been any problems. Only time will tell if there is a problem.
I am sure that there must have been situations where photo copies have been subjected to an environment where the temperature was too high. Did that cause a problem? Again, only time will tell.

Over the years, I have had a number of books color-copied and thus far there has been no difficulty. However, I do wonder (worry?) about possible problems.
Obviously, this wonderful List provides us with an opportunity to share our thoughts, experiences and concerns. I look forward to hearing more on this topic. Maybe there has been some research on this aspect of photo copies --- there certainly has been research on the longevity of inks that are used in ink jet printers.
Bill Minter

On Aug 21, 2008, at 11:41 PM, Dave Allen wrote:

.........He has had them copied (all 444 pages) at a local copy shop and has interleaved some colour photocopies as well some of which are face to face in the book. I have heard of such copies sticking to the plastic of albums and I am worried that the 2 colour faces may stick to each other over time because of the weight of the tome. I thought we should probably use tracing paper as an interleaf between the colour ones at least. Does anyone know if this will prevent the problem? Also what about facing black and white with colour?


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