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Re: [BKARTS] Emergency!!! I need your help ...

I know this is tending off-topic but I received exactly the same sort of email last year from an acquaintance, but who had my email address, saying that she had been mugged in England. Wouldn't provide specifics or a direct phone line and eventually I decided to take a pass, thinking that if it were really who she said she was, that she'd have closer friends or family in her email contact list who would know the right questions to ask and who would be better suited to help her. She only asked for $500, but I didn't have it to offer her. When I emailed back to say I could only offer her $50 (thinking she had asked many people the same question, and gotten the same answer) and asked her to call me back, collect, to confirm, I heard nothing.

Do you think people are mining email accounts to do this sort of thing? I have to say, I was kind of torn at the time as the right thing to do. Again, sorry this is so OT, but does concern a book-arts person... : /

Just my two cents,

Kathy G

On Aug 29, 2008, at 10:12 AM, Gunter, Lisa wrote:

But most likely they are not in Nigeria but in the UK.

Overprotecting intellectual property is as harmful as underprotecting it," wrote Federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Alex Kozinski in a recent copyright ruling. "Culture is impossible without a rich public domain. Nothing today, likely nothing since we tamed fire, is genuinely new: Culture, like science and technology, grows by accretion, each new creator building on the works of those who came before. Overprotection stifles the very creative forces it's supposed to nurture." Fiona Morgan. "Copywrong: Copyright laws are stifling art, but the public domain can save us." The Independent Weekly, December 3, 2003.
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I say we string them along for a few weeks. Say the list is taking up a
collection and send them running all around Nigeria trying to collect
the money........

S. Wilson

Michael Andrews wrote:
Obviously a scam. How did it get posted in the first place?

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This is a scam

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{Peter, what exactly is a "soft loan"?}

angela harkavy <angelaoharkavy@xxxxxxx> 08/29/08 7:09 AM >>>

I'm sorry I never inform you of my recent travel out of the country for
a programme called "Empowering the Youth to fight Racism, HIV/ AIDS and
Poverty" It is currently holding in Nigeria, Austria and South Africa.
Currently, i'm stranded here in Nigeria because I got robbed on my way
to the hotel where I stay now. My ID, Credit card, cash and other
valuables I have with me were stolen, I contacted the embassy here to
help me out but it will take them a bit of time to get back to me, so I
will need a soft loan of $2500 from you to help me sort out the hotel
bills and get back home from here, I promise I will pay you back
upon my
return, please write back as soon as you can so that I can provide you
with information which you are to use in sending the money to me via
Western union money transfer, I trust you would help me out of here.


Angela O. Harkavy

124 Monroe View Trail Sanford, FL 32771

Tel: 407-302-1302

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