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[BKARTS] Photo Restoration/adhesives

Hi Friends,

I am seeking advice on a restoration project that I am working on.  I have a
customer with an antique photo album who wants a completely new binding with
new pages employing some of the decorative elements of the old album.

The question is : *How would you adhere the photographs to the new pages?*

I have a lot of experience with photo restoration but I am usually rescuing
them from yucky adhesives, water damage, tears etc. - Now I'm being asked to
adhere them back to paper and wondering about an archival way to do so.

Photos are all different sizes, some tiny school pictures 1.5"x2" and up. *She
prefers not to use photo corners*.

She wants the album to look like the original so *wants the photographs
adhered to the pages.*

There is also some writing on the old paper that she wants me to cut and
adhere to the new paper.

I would greatly appreciate any tips, advice or recommendations on archival
adhesives or alternative methods.

Amy LeePard

Painted Bunting Books


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