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Re: [BKARTS] endpapers for broadsheet collections


Your predicament can be quite a problem!

If you can't find the right-sized paper, with the grain going in the proper
direction, why not try an exposed cloth jointed endpaper construction, such
that only page-sized sheets are used, rather than the double width as in the
basic single folded endpaper.  A much stronger construction through and
through.  We use such a construction very frequently when we cannot find the
appropriate paper in short grain.   Johnson, Burdett and Towns all lead the
way in their examples, with modifications required.  The diagrams in these
texts require close study, expermentation and modelling, etc, but once the
various designs are understood, you will never be stumped with the problem
of paper size again.



>> Is there anyone else out there binding broadsheet newspapers into
>> archival volumes? Until recently I was able to obtain cartridge
>> paper 24" by 36" which allowed me to make endpapers for volumes 22
>> 3/4 by 12 1/2. I was using truwrite drawing paper but the mill must
>> have changed hands because the paper I am getting now in no way
>> resembles the original truwrite paper. It was about 80# text, had a
>> nice tooth, folded like a dream and didn't curl when wet with starch
>> paste or mixture. The new stuff is about 60# and is smooth to the
>> point of almost glossy, buckles when it folds and curls in the least
>> moisture.
>> I have recently tried cartridge paper Bee Paper from Portland OR but
>> even it doesn't fold nicely as is not opaque enough.
>> Does anyone have a suggestion as to a source for good heavy (not
>> card stock) opaque sheets of paper for endpapers at least 25 X 23?
>> Dave Allen
>> Beddall Bookbinding Conservation & Restoration
>> 840 Snowdrop Ave. Victoria BC V8Z 2N4
>> (250)888-9380    http://www.Bookbinder.ca

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