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I have the following books for sale.   Please contact me off list at 
artcj@xxxxxxx and confirm with me before you send payment.   Add $2.00 shipping fee 
for each book.   All books are half of the original price.   $110. plus UPS 
shipping charge gets you the whole collection. - cj

Pictures and Words Together by Paul Johnson - $14 (great book but this is a 
Making Books by Paul Johnson - $8 (great book but this is a duplicate)
The Art and Craft of Papermaking by Sophie Dawson - $12.
The Origami Handbook by Rich Beech - $12.
Making Paper and Fabric Rubbings - $10.
The Great Origami BOok by Zulal Ayture-Scheele - $6.
The Handmade Book by Angela James - $11.
The Great Ribber Stamp Book by Dee Gruenig - $7.
Polymer Clay by Syndee Holt - $10.
Graphic Idea Resource Creativity by Lesa Sawahata - $8
Rubber Stamping (Beyond the Basics) by Michele Abel (Slightly worn - so 
marked down) - $5.
The Buck Book (Origami with a Dollar Bill) by Anne Akers Johnson $4.
Photo Kaleidoscopes by Memory Makers - $5.
Stamp-a-Greeting by Judy Ritchie et al.   $5.
Building Toothpick Bridges by Jeanne Pollard   $3.

It's only a deal if it's where you want to go. Find your travel 
deal here.

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