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[BKARTS] New artists books at Susan Hensel Gallery, Minneapolis

Some of the newest artists books  by Mary Tasillo, Karen Hanmer and the  War and Peace Print Project comprised of Patricia Dahlman,Michael Dal Cerro and Deborah Harris are on display as part of ALL THINGS ELECTORAL : Redux at Susan Hensel Gallery in Minneapolis.

Mary Tasillo is showing Citizen Hydra, a releif printed accordian  completed at Minnesota Center for Book Art this past year.Citizen Hydra is a continuation of her use of the mythologicalmany-headed hydra as a metaphor for the American Citizenry. It opens: "I have the punk music out tonight, cooking dinner after months of low-key indie pop, election day, feigning optimism...." The narrative describes a political numbness and questions what it takes to get citizens into the streets. Over the course of the narrative, the citizen hydra enacts apolitical awakening and activity: "I am a walking tidal wave," and ends on a note of hope: "...i'm starting to think a little revolution is possible."

Karen Hanmer is exhibiting The House that George Built and House of Cards. The House of Cards, a recent jacob's ladder book, shows an image of the White House deconstructing as text on reverse documents blunders and evil-doings since the 2001 inauguration. House of Cards takes the same images of the deconstruction of the White House and animates them in an old fashioned flip book.

 Patricia Dahlman,Michael Dal Cerro and Deborah Harris,inspired by the U.S. presidential concession speech given by John Kerry on November 3, 2004 after his defeat to George W. Bush for president of the United States, the War and Peace Print Project made a limited edition artist book, titled We Live In a Divided Country, Try to Bridge That Gap.Each artist made four wood block or linoleum prints investigating different approaches to bridging that gap. The project received partial funding from the Puffin Foundation and profits will benefit Moveon.org.

ALL THINGS ELECTORAL : Redux  opens Friday, September 12, at 5pm at Susan Hensel Gallery, 3441 Cedar Ave. S, Minneapolis. 


Susan Hensel Design,LLC 
3441 Cedar Ave S 
Minneapolis, MN 55407 
612 722-2324 

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