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Re: [BKARTS] BOOK_ARTS-L Digest - 13 Sep 2008 to 14 Sep 2008 (#2008-255)

Donald Dehoff wrote:
Hi Mark,

Place the book in a freezer, do not put the book in a bag. Let the
book freeze. The air circulation will gradually remove the water.
Check it every few months, once all the pages will separate, you can
defrost it. It may take many months to a couple of years, depending
on how much water is in the book, and how much air circulates in your
freezer. I have found that refrigerator/freezers generally circulate
air faster than just freezers.

I wonder if it would be quicker to ask at your local university if they could put it in their freeze-dryer? If you have a university nearby that has a life sciences department (biology, microbiology, biochemistry, etc) they they will probably have one, and they probably wouldn't mind doing it for you (I work in one, and I wouldn't mind if you asked me!)

It would certainly be quicker than waiting for a domestic freezer to do it. The freeze dryer basically takes a frozen sample (usually deep-frozen for a period at -80 degrees C) and then maintains it under a strong vacuum.

Caveat: I've never done it before! You'd be best to do a test-run on a book you don't mind damaging, because the process might make some glues brittle etc. The freeze dryer will completely dessicate the book if you run it to completion, but you don't have to do it that long.



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