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[BKARTS] Re SPOD Books in the bookart realm ?? !!


An extremely interesting
set of questions I have not had any SPOD books made but have given serious
consideration to the possibility.

I had not considered them within the realm of  ?bookart¹ or ?artists books¹

But it could be a possibility especially if one were to make ones own
slipcase or container and to amend them to include fold out sections and so

I would really like to hear peoples responses on this.

My initial thoughts were oh no they are not handmade so cant really be
considered but for someone like me who is not the most gifted in terms of
craftsmanship and someone to whom the content would be more my strength

Lets see what people think.

Very rarely says anything on this book arts network  !!

On 17/9/08 14:42, "Kevin Thomas" <ktbooks77@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hello Fellow Book Artists,
> I'd like to open up a discussion of self-published, on-demand (SPOD?) books
> such as Blurb, LuLu, iPhoto or any other on-line book system. I've been
> dabbling with making a few of these books and and wondering how they might
> impact our world of artist books. I must admit that they have really made me
> think. Of course, a SPOD book can never be a substitute for a pop-up or
> sculptural books, but for my own work, I may never make a case bound book
> again. It is just so simple to have a SPOD made and then be able to move on to
> making the more fun books. So here are few things I've been wondering about
> lately in regard to SPOD books:
> --Can a SPOD book be called an "artist book"?

> --Have many book artists dabbled in SPOD books yet? If so, what was your
> experience? Are you happy with the results?

> --Can the process of making a SPOD book be as satisfying as making a lovely
> hand-bound edition?

> --Are SPOD books any less collectible than handmade artist books?

   Is it the content of the book that is important or the method by which it
is made?

> How do libraries feel about these books?

Are the suitable to add to the collection?

Would they be house in regular stacks or in special collections?

>Have any artists shown SPOD books next to handmade books at book fairs or

What has the response been from viewers?

I'd appreciate any other thoughts you might have on the subject.
> Have a good day,
> Laura

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